"Danube Peer Chains" präsentiert aktuellen Fortschritt


Integrierter Kapazitätsaufbau und Schulungsprogramme im Donauraum

Regensburg, 06.05.2021 – Die Digitale Gründerinitiative Oberpfalz ist Projektpartner des EU-Interreg Projekts „DanubePeerChains“. Ziel des Projekts ist es, arbeitsmarktunterstützende Organisationen (LSO) und Business Support Organisationen (BSO) zusammen mit ihren Zielgruppen sowie lokalen High-Potentials durch einen gemeinsamen Kapazitätsaufbau- und Trainingsansatz zu stärken. Dadurch sollen hochqualifizierte Arbeitsplätze in der Donauregion besetzt werden und die Partner sich nachhaltig als PEER-Kooperationspartner in innovativen transnationalen
Wertschöpfungsketten etablieren.


Die Partner geben nun einen Überblick über die Eckdaten sowie bisherige und kommende Aktivitäten des Projektes.

Des Weiteren erarbeiteten sie einen aktuellen Überblick zu den Markteigenschaften, die charakteristisch für den Donauraum sind, wobei der Fokus insbesondere auf der Digitalisierung und bestehenden Wertschöpfungsketten unterschiedlicher Branchen lag. Die Dokumente stehen auf der WEBSEITE des DanubePeerChains Projektes zum Download zur Verfügung. 

Den hierzu veröffentlichte Newsletter in englischer Sprache findet ihr hier.




DanubePeerChains has as main objective to empower Labour market Support Organisations (LSO) and Business Support Organisations (BSO) together with their target groups and further local high-potentials in a joint capacity building and training approach to upskill to high-qualified jobs in the Danube region and to gain sustainable recognition as PEER-level collaboration partners in innovative transnational value chains.


The main aim in this period is the elaboration of a joint understanding of the micro- and macro-regional as well as transnational challenges of digital transformation. Results:

  • Transnational benchmark analysis of labour market incl. identification of qualification and support demand
  • Mapping of competences in key Knowledge fields of digitalization
  • Profiles of selected target value chains in digitalization

In the following link we will present you a set of eight documents created by a partner consortium, focu-sed on the market characteristics of the Danube region. Click here for more!


The Synergy Diamond methodology, developed in a former Interreg project, represents a strategic tool that facilitates the identification of “Transformative activities”. A cross-regional analysis of areas of specialization is conducted to identify potential for new combinations and synergies that create added value if targeted in cross-sectoral, cross-institutional and cross-regional collaboration. For getting familiar with the Diamond methodology the partnership has held an online workshop where we identified synergetic fields which are backed by a critical mass of actors in the plastics sector – one of our 6 chosen value chains – with regard to environmental sustainability. This workshop underlined the need for adaption of the original methodology. All project partners actively participated and enjoyed the intense collaboration with the other partners in their group, which was very fruitful despite the fact that it was held online. In the upcoming months the partnership will finalize the methodology adaption and intends to develop “Transformative Activities” in the sectors of the chosen value chains.



The startup-acceleration program „DGO-BaseCamp“ aims at startup teams that want to reach the next level of progress. Made for teams that want to address potential investors and relevant customers and that are willing to work hard for it. DGO-BaseCamp addresses the high flyers of tomorrow. The program offers to the selected teams seven months intensive and targeted support for free. Based on the respective business model the participants receive 1:1 coaching sessions, exchange with mentors, pitch and negotiation training and workshops to help them prepare for the „demo day“ at the end of the program. Collaborative support is also part of the DGO-BaseCamp. Click here for more!


The digital event „Pitch & Match“ connects companies and startups around the topics of digitalization and sustainability. We link decision-makers from established companies with the young trendsetters of the digital age. The aim is to foster regional networking and to enable the matching of suitable cooperation partners. At this event corporates pitch a specific problem or question to find suitable startups in order to tackle the issue together. When startups meet corporates it often takes a long time for cooperation to take place. There is where Pitch & Match scores: when innovative startups and established corporates meet here on a certain topic, it’s a match in most of the cases. Click here for more!

B2B@EUSAIR FORUM 2021 (MAY 11, 2021)

Lhe B2B event is organized by the Enterprise Europe Network members during first day of the 6th Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR), under the presidency of the Republic of Slovenia, with the support of the EUSAIR Facility Point and in close cooperation with the European Commission. The match-making event brings together SMEs, research institutes, universities, development organizations, clusters & associations and other organizations from 9 EUSAIR countries (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, N. Macedonia, Greece and Albania). Click here for more!


The Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, as a co-organizer, invites interested parties to apply for online business meetings which, within the European Entrepreneurship Network, are organized from 18 to 20 May 2021, during the Global Innovation Summit 2021. The Global Innovation Summit is a gathering place for innovative companies and international investors, but also provides an opportunity to share knowledge, promote products and technologies, get the latest information on global trends and innovations, and network with potential commercial and technology partners. The Global Innovation Summit provides an international meeting place for businesses, innovators, re-searchers and funding experts to network, share knowledge and develop new business ideas. Click here for more!


The goal of the DigNest is to support the modernization of higher education institutions in Montenegro and strengthen their cooperation with leading companies in the market. The primary focus is to maximize the benefits of digital technologies in priority areas of agriculture and health, while ensuring that future professionals and the workforce in the broadest sense successfully adapt to the demands of the digital age. Click here for more!


The Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, in cooperation with the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), with the support of the European Entrepreneurship Network (EEN) invites to participate in the upcoming virtual bilateral business meetings within the Green Economy Fair Ökoindustria 2021. Ökoindustria 2021 is the leading International Fair of Green Economy in Central and Eastern Europe, where environmental technologies, products and services are presented. This year, the focus will be, among other things, renewable energy and e-mobility, eco-innovation and the start-up market. Click here for more!


The Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, as part of the EEN network, in cooperation with partners from the European Entrepreneurship Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency, is organizing business B2B meetings within the Security Summit 2021 - Virtual Event. Security Summit 2021 is a place where the professionals and experts from security, safety, and IoT industries from within the region as well the whole of Europe will gather. The participants’ pool includes manufacturers, distributors, system integrators, installers and project managers, security managers, SME owners, decision-makers, representatives of government security agencies as well as end-users.Type of industries that are covered:Smart Solutions, Mobility, Cyber Security, ICT, IoT&Automation, Security and Safety, Training and Education. B2B sessions are planned in an online format from 09:00 until 22:00 starting May 4th through May 6th, 2021. Click here for more!


Lead partner: Eva Breuer

Communication manager: Anja Grabovica

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